The Importance of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy, in all forms, are considered resources of energy that is clean, competitive and can be regenerated for a long tie.  Not only do these types of fossil fuels add to the diversity of how energy is created and supplied, but it also reduces the methods that are used to generate energy unnaturally.

This type of energy is also considered beneficial to the earth, as it doesn’t produce greenhouse gases, nor pollution, which adds to a greener, more sustainable environment, as well as the earth.

Since the cost of renewable energies also seems to decrease, there are now more reasons to buy this type of energy, hence why it’s being preferred, over unnatural energy.

Why Clean Energies are Growing

Representing up to half of the electricity generation, an agency known as IEA, or instead, International Energy Agency has contributed the second most electricity in the world, with the number one being coal.

IEA claims that, according to research, electricity consumption will continue to increase, and reach up to 70% in the next 20-years. The initiative of renewable energy is driven and implemented by countries such as China India, Africa, as well as South-East Asia, and finally, the Middle East.

The Development of Clean Energy

As an essential part of combatting climate change, clean energy has left its mark on the world as being the future of new energy resources. Due to global warming and the inevitable rise in temperature, temperatures continue to increase annually, leaving the world’s future looking quite desert-like.

Considering that 11 billion people are living on earth, it’s a rather large statistic to think that there are still 17% of people that don’t have access to electricity. This number could add up to a substantial 800 million people, if something isn’t done within the next few years, to better the situation. 

The Advantages of Clean Energy

Since there are so many different renewable energies to choose from, there should be a list of advantages compiled to better understand all the benefits, that can occur, because of these many different energies.

The advantages of clean energies include the fact that it is inexhaustible, which merely means that it is, compared to unnatural energy sources, such as gas, coal and oil, is directly available from the sun for free usage. The energy is taken from the sun and is referred to as “renewables”.

Renewable energy helps us positively fight against climate change, by implementing a new product, and replacement, for the existing problem at hand, which means, anything that is burned to produceof energy, and causes pollution while doing so.

More advantages also include reducing energy dependence, as well as increasing competitiveness and benefitting from any favourable structure, such as promotions.

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