Renewable Energy

The Objectives of Renewable Energy provision to energy-poor communities:

Providing, sustainable energy and transformative technology that will bring a tangible difference to the lives of people, and a positive impact globally, forms part of our core values.

Main objectives of providing renewable energy technology to individuals and communities:

  1. Improve Health; through using clean lighting and clean cooking methods, and also through the provision of clean water to households.
  2. Reduce carbon emissions; through ensuring the use of sustainable natural resources, that will reduce the need to use harmful sources, for example, firewood, kerosene, coal, etc.
  3. Increase hours available for education; through having a better and clean source of lighting at night. Also, there would not be the need to collect firewood and water for cooking and cleaning.
  4. Increase the quality of education; where renewable energy can provide light and power to schools and learning centres that will enable them to use new technology and provide learning opportunities after working hours.
  5. Increase household income; through better job opportunities and small enterprise development made more accessible by renewable energies.
  6. Increase economic resilience; where household income will become better through having, reliable, clean and cheap sources of energy.

Using Renewable Energy we support the providing of affordable, renewable energy to improve the lives, income, education, and health to the developing world.  Deploying effective ways and energy saving systems in poor communities will empower them to achieve a sustainable, better livelihood for themselves.