Natural Resources versus Renewable Resources; where lies the difference?

Natural Resources exist on earth without the aid of humankind.  It is part of the Earth and includes every valued characteristic such as the gravitational and magnetic fields, and all electrical properties and forces.  This includes the atmosphere, water, sunlight, and land; which will then also include all life forms, animal and human, vegetation, crops, and everything that naturally occurs on earth.

A natural resource is things like:

  1. Water and air, but, also
  2. Living organisms, for instance; a fish or a bird.

Natural resources can also exist in alternate forms that need to be processed to obtain the resource.  For example:

  1. Rare earth metals, metal ores,
  2. Petroleum and most fossils that are used to generate energy.

The overconsumption and depletion of resources is an ongoing debate all over the world.  Most natural resources have a finite quantity, which means that if not managed properly it can become depleted.

Renewable Resources are components of the Earth’s ecosphere and natural environment.  Usage and consumption can deplete resources.  A natural resource that replenishes, either through a naturally recurring process or through biological reproduction, is called a Renewable Resource.

Renewable resources include the following: 

  1. Sunlight or Solar energy; can be used for lighting, heating, for generating electricity for cooking, cooling and a variety of other uses.
  2. Windgenerated electricity; powered by wind turbines.
  3. Hydropower; where the flow of water generates electricity. Hydroelectric power can be powered through dams, reservoirs, rivers (even slow-flowing water streams) and also the sea.
  4. Geothermal energy; is the thermal energy generated and stored in the earth.
  5. Bio-Energy, Biomass, Biogas, and Bio-fuel; are derived from living, and organisms that were alive, recently. As an energy source, it can be used in various forms and capacities.

Renewable energy is always replenishing, and will not run out, while other sources of energy are finite, and have a depletion date somewhere in the future.

Renewable energy technology has a much lower warmth emissions and offers significant health benefits to the public causing less pollution.

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