Natural Resources and the Diversity of its Uses:

Most of the world’s energy is still generated by the burning of fossil fuels.  All the while, nature is constantly producing plenty of Renewable Recourses, which are much more environmentally friendly because of their low, or none, carbon emissions.

7 Diverse Natural Resources and their uses:

  1. Sunflowers; are enjoyable to look at in their entire sunny splendour, but chefs use their oil for cooking purposes. The industry uses the yellow flower to produce lubricants and it is also used in biodiesel.
  2. Rapeseed; (a cabbage family member) has been used for centuries to provide oil, to be used in lamps, for instance. It was also used as a lubricant for steam engines.
  3. Corn, the all-rounder; is a crop that is cultivated worldwide. Although it’s main use is food for humans and then also animal-feed, it is cultivated on vast fields, for renewable energy purposes.  The Industry also discovered a corn ingredient that is used in glue and other adhesives.
  4. Forests; being one of the oldest renewable resources mankind has been using for ages, in the form of wood. It was, from ancient times, used to kindle a fire.  It was also used to make spears and other utensils. Wood was indispensable in the world or our ancestors.  Nowadays it is used as a building material.  Wood is also still used as a heating agent in various forms, for example, wood pellets for stoves, etc.
  5. Palm Fruits; is pressed to produce palm oil. This edible vegetable oil can be found in margarine, pizza and biscuits and many different types of food.  Palm oil is also used, in its raw form, in candles, washing powder and cosmetics.  It is also used for the production of biodiesel
  6. Hemp; is not only a recreational drug, used for smoking. It is also grown for its fibres that are used to make special paper and special clothing.  This form of hemp that is used in the industry has no intoxicating effect.  Hemp can also be used as an insulating material on the insides of walls and roofs.
  7. Plant-based Plastics; made of corn, sugar cane or potatoes, produces many products, including yogurt containers, garbage bags and even things like disposable razors.

Renewable resources are most diverse in their uses and the type of product they can produce.

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