The Renewable World tackles the questions of providing reliable, and affordable, renewable energy systems to energy-poor communities.  Worldwide, there are many people with no access to energy.

Other than that, the pollution caused by fuels used for lighting, cooking and heating, and also included with that, the lack of clean water, is hazardous to all life on earth.  Renewal World works towards addressing these issues through the provision of sustainable, and affordable, renewable energy.

Renewable, affordable energy will improve health through the availability of clean water, pumped directly to homes, and the use of clean cooking sources and clean lighting.

Renewable energy that can provide a sustainable supply of energy will have a positive influence on health care, making it more accessible.  The healthcare provider can then also keep vaccines, blood tests, and snakebite anti-venom, refrigerated.

Cleaner energy can improve crop yields that will provide better food and better products to trade.  Because of energy efficient lighting education will improve, children can study later in the evening and adults can attend night school after work hours.

Working with partners within the Renewable Energy Industry we work towards providing renewable energy services to communities still living in energy poverty.